Hello from our family
mommy K

I am mommy K, born and brought up somewhere within the creative juices flowing inside creator K’s head! I currently reside in a cute little website called vitaminKcomics and sometimes also in an instagram page with the same name!

I am a new cartoon mom with a passion to preserve memories of my new life and share them with you #vitaminkcomics.

Baby K

I am baby K, daughter of mommy K and the muse.

I love my life (can you believe I have been alive for a little over 251 wonderful days already?)& always wake up with a smile. In fact, smiling is my favorite thing in the world. I love to smile, I smile at walls, curtains, clocks, animals, books, toys … just not people – that I cant!

Daddy k

I am daddy K,and frankly speaking I would rather not be here at all! I am camera shy and hate putting my life on the internet.I want to be almost non existent here!

But as always Mommy K holds the reins here and I reluctantly make appearances when absolutely necessary!

Did they?

P.S. – We heard rumours that our creator’s family looks, talks and behaves a lot like us! Do you think they are impersonating us? Should we sue them for copyright? Or is there anything else you’d like to let us know? Drop in a mail at say_ay@vitaminkcomics.com and let us know!